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Your Taxes as an Entertainment Pro

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Tax time is here! Working as an entertainment professional provides the ultimate project based lifestyle, with its unpredictable hours, complicated pay structures, and ever-changing contracts. With many filmmakers wearing multiple hats during the various stages of production, figuring out how exactly to take advantage of write-offs, incentives and deductions while adhering to complex income tax laws becomes daunting task during tax season.

Whether you are a self-employed industry professional, or a part-time filmmaker with a day job, this workshop will help you understand the intricacies associated with being a contractor in Hollywood. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Writers, Directors, Producers, Actors, Business Owners, Independent Contractors, and anyone who has questions about specifics of tax law as it pertains to those in the Entertainment Industry.

REQUIREMENTS: Something to take notes.

In order to better enjoy the presentation and get the most of out of the subject matter (boring tax issues), we highly encourage participation from all.  There are no dumb questions in tax law.  Our speaker will guide you through the rules that you should follow when reporting income, claiming tax deductions, keeping supporting documentation and implemented the information maintained in the event of an inquiry by the taxing authorities.

By the end of this Workshop, you will:  

  1. Better understand income tax laws for contractors.
  2. Know how to maintain tax documents and records in the event of review by the taxing authorities.
  3. Be able to maximize your tax deductions, while minimizing your tax payment.

About the Instructor:

Manny Almeida has 30 years of tax consulting experience in such industries as entertainment, aerospace, bio-pharmaceutical, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, petroleum, printing, retail, services and telecommunication. Manny provides multistate audit representation and controversy services mitigating tax assessments. Manny also performs multistate tax recovery studies for large national companies to middle market companies identifying tax overpayments and securing refunds. Manny consults with clients on complex transactional planning and related strategies, including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, voluntary disclosure/amnesty registrations, etc.  Manny’s experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to middle market. Manny, formerly was the Sales/Use Tax Practice Leader for Deloitte Tax, Pacific Southwest Region, through October 2006.  He is the founder of Almeida & Associates, Tax Consulting Services, established in January 2007.