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Bankroll and Make Your Movie Happen!

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Actors, Writers, Producers, Directors…  this  is your dream workshop! Tom Malloy, author of BANKROLL: A New Approach to  Financing Feature Films, will be giving his signature electrifying speech on  how YOU can turn YOUR film or documentary into reality. You Will Learn:

  • How to Attract Investors for  Your Film!
  • Where to Find Investors for Your Film! How to Prep Your  Project!
  • How to Make Sure You Have a Killer Script!
  • How to Make a Business  Plan!
  • How to Find Distributors! How to Find Sales Agents!
  • How to Get  Attachments! The State of The Film Industry!
  • Sales Techniques!
  • …and  So Much More!

Who should attend: Producers, Directors, Actors, Writers, anyone who wants to make a movie or work in movies as a career.

Requirements: Something to take notes

By the end of this Workshop, you will be able  to:
  1. Begin the steps to prep your project for investors.
  2. Put together a business plan and presentation for your project.
  3. Know where to look to find investors for your film.


About the Instructor: Disenchanted with the typical actors’ process of  waiting around until someone hires you for a role, Tom Malloy became a trendsetter as one of the first successful triple-hyphenate Actor/Writer/Producers  and made it his business to learn as much about the filmmaking industry as  possible. Tom has raised more than $25 million in private equity from  independent financiers and has written, produced and starred or co-starred in  nearly all the films that his company Trick Candle Productions has  made.