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Film Festival STRATEGY!

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Film Festival Strategy! on Vimeo.

You’ve made your movie so now what? The next step is distribution. The international film festival circuit provides an alternative distribution platform for high quality independent movies. Where do you start and how do you avoid becoming overwhelmed? The secret to success is creating a streamlined and focused festival & distribution strategy!

In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to the film festival circuit and how the film festival circuit works behind the scenes. You’ll understand:

  • What a festival film is.
  • What film festivals are looking for.
  • How to assess the festival viability of your film.
  • And what you need to be aware of and prepare for in advance before creating your strategy and completing any submissions.

A case study focusing upon a successful documentary feature film of The Film Festival Doctor’s will be included which will also discuss what happened to the movie when it completed its festival run and how the film festival circuit contributed significantly towards its success.

Who should attend: Producers, Directors and anyone who wants to make a movie.

Requirements: Something to take notes

By the end of this Workshop, you will know:

  1. How the film festival circuit works and what you need to be aware of before creating a successful festival strategy.
  2. How to identify if you have a festival viable film.
  3. How to put together a realistic, streamlined and focused festival & distribution strategy to achieve the best results possible for your film.
  4. How film festivals contribute towards acquiring sales and distribution deals for your film.

About the Instructor:

After choosing not to pursue a career in Academia, Doctor Rebekah Louisa Smith began her film industry career in 2008, working as one of the producers of Wales’ most successful national horror film festival, the Abertoir Horror Festival, which is part of the prestigious European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation.

It was during this time when her company The Film Festival Doctor, was created. Rebekah & her team are creators of success and are committed to transforming the lives of independent film and giving these films & the filmmakers visibility, awards, opportunities and recognition within the film industry.

Currently her company have won over 350 awards for their clients and her team have supported over 485 creatives across the world enlightening and inspiring their journey towards achieving their goals and following their dreams.