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Sat @ 9:00 am
Sep 2016

Dov Simens’s 2-Day Film School

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FILMMAKING DEMYSTIFIED THE CONCEPT: Hollywood is a business. It’s called show business. It’s not called show art. And anyone, with … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Jul 2016

No-Budget & Micro-Budget Filmmaking

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Anyone can Write, Produce & Direct a quality feature film, with today’s digital technologies, with only $2K-$200K. This intensive, by … Continue →

Sat @ 10:00 am
Jul 2016

How to Package and Sell a TV Show!

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Packaging and selling TV, whether it’s scripted or unscripted requires thinking like a Show Runner! Scripted, Unscripted… is there a … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Jul 2016

Concept to Completion – Pitch Materials

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What does it take to get your project sold? Do you need a one sheet, a treatment, show bible, sizzle … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Jun 2016

The Film Finance Forum

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Every project has one thing in common: It takes money to make it happen! However, there are many subtopics included … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Jun 2016

Produced By Conference

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The Produced By Conference 2016 Hosted by the Producers Guild of America Saturday, June 4-5 Sony Studios Culver City Join … Continue →

Sat @ 10:00 am
May 2016

Find and Keep an AGENT!

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Every screen, television and novel writer knows that they want to have, and, indeed must have an agent. The rub … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Apr 2016

How to Create Your Webseries and Find Your Audience

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Entertainment and distribution of entertainment has had a tectonic shift in recent years. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Twitter, Funnny … Continue →

Sat @ 9:00 am
Mar 2016

Sell Your Animated TV Series!

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Think you’ve come up with the next great animated comedy series for kids? Think your outrageous adult-cartoon concept is ready … Continue →

Sat @ 10:00 am
Feb 2016

Pitch to Development Executives

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There are over 500 scripted programs being made for broadcast, cable, and digital formats. The opportunities to get your idea … Continue →